“Mica” for Borderlandbeat.com

Things certainly have changed, and now I retract that this property is directly affiliated with Double RR. There are still things that stand out to me that I want to share with you. But I also want to share some evidence from a reader. I am sorry, but I thought I had found something and was excited to share.
I will show you my pros against the reader’s cons. The coordinates or a direct link with the coordinates is provided if you want to play along.  
Coordinates: 20°53’09.1″N 103°13’29.5″W
The compound wall is just a plain-ass bobwire fence. Yep, not a fence on top of a wall. That is the most damaging argument, and I would be an even bigger fool if I sidestepped it. See the reader’s comments in the pictures.
The lake and dam to the rear provide an extra layer of security along with the property size of at least 68 acres for a helicopter (which he reportedly uses). Also, a spot for cockfights or meetings.  
RR only has the luxury of staying in the same place for a short time and needs many places. The neighbor’s setup stood out.
There isn’t a need to show any more pros because I can’t get past the fence, nor should you. Thanks to the kick-ass reader who emailed me, and hopefully, you all can give me a pass. My hunt for Double RR ranch is just getting started. And now, I wait for the comments. 😬