“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

A group of Asian migrants were kidnapped in the city of Gomez Palacio, in the state of Durango, by a group of individuals who demanded a ransom in order to free them. They were rescued by the Durango State Police. 

The Secretary of Public Security released information about the rescue of seven people originally from Asia, who were being held against their will inside a house in the Rinconada Villa Nápoles neighborhood. 

According to what was reported, there were five men, a woman and a minor, all originally from Uzbekistan. 

It was thanks to a 911 emergency line report that the migrants were located. They were discovered by officers soon after their kidnappers left them in the care of a woman. 

The rescue required the intervention of an interpreter in order to communicate with the group. They said that they took a bus from Mexico City and they were headed to Baja California when the bus made a stop in Gomez Palacio. There they took temporary refuge inside a home.

The subjects abducted them and demanded payment of 1,200 dollars in exchange for letting them continue on their journey to Baja California.

Because they were unable to pay, they were kept in the house under the care of a woman and told to find a way to obtain the money.

Then, the migrants were rescued by state police officers. The woman was detained and she was handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for her alleged participation in the kidnapping. Meanwhile the victims were handed over to the National Migration Institute where they will be given protection and support.

Source: Milenio