Last Updated on November 17, 2023

8 suspects, ranging in age from 13 to 17, have been arrested in the lynch mob-style beating death of a white Las Vegas teenager named Jonathan Lewis, who was savagely beaten outside of Rancho High School by a mob estimated to include as many as 15 minority assailants. The fatal November 1st beating was live-streamed on Facebook and came after Lewis stepped up to defend a younger student from the mob.

Las Vegas police have announced the arrests of 8 suspects in connection with the lethal mob beating of Jonathan Lewis, who was ruthlessly beaten by an estimated 15 black assailants before succumbing to his wounds days later in the hospital.

The suspects arrested thus far are described as Rancho High School “classmates” of Lewis. Ranging in age from 13-17, they’ve all been charged with murder.

Additionally, a pair of still-outstanding suspects will be charged when apprehended.

Jonathan Lewis Murder Suspects
Las Vegas authorities have released photos of 2 additional suspects in the lynch mob-style beating death of Jonathan Lewis.

Law enforcement has not named those arrested or those set to be charged in Lewis’s murder due to their minor age status, but police and prosecutors are reportedly working to determine if they’ll be charged as adults, in which case their names will become public.

Though 8 suspects have been arrested and 2 more are expected to be charged, eyewitness accounts and video footage indicate that additional assailants were involved in the attack, with witnesses placing that number at an estimated 15.

Las Vegas police do appear to have taken this into account and have indicated that they are working to identify additional suspects in the ruthless, lynch mob-style attack.

“If you, or your child, or someone you knew, has seen that violent video, and recognized anybody that may have been a participant in this senseless crime, you need to get ahold of us,” says Las Vegas Undersheriff Andrew Walsh.

Despite the horrifically violent nature of the murder of Jonathan Lewis and its proximity to a public Las Vegas high school, corporate media has been slow to cover the story – in the event that they’ve covered it all.

This has been widely attributed to the fact that the story is yet another contradiction of the media’s race-hustling routine, in which white-on-black crime, which makes up a tiny fraction of interracial crime when compared to black-on-white numbers, is hyped up as the greatest threat to the United States since Osama bin Laden.

As National File reported

Jonathan Lewis, a white 17-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada, died after spending days in the hospital clinging to life after he was viciously beaten by a mob of black assailants outside of Racho High School, a public magnet school where Lewis was a student. According to US News & World Report, just 7% of students at the school are white. Lewis was beaten to death when he stepped up to defend a younger white student from the mob.

The fatal beating was live-streamed on Facebook and multiple people, presumably students of Rancho High School, can be seen recording the attack. Additionally, multiple adult eyewitnesses refused to intervene and save the boy’s life.

Though the attack took place on November 1st, even supposedly “conservative” media outlets ignored it until the situation went viral over the weekend following Lewis’s death.

Even then, the media worked hard, along with Big Tech, to censor the story, minimizing the black-on-white murder as a mere schoolyard “fight”.

On November 12th, Fox News and the New York Post finally got around to covering the story. But when they did, their headlines failed to mention the fact that Lewis, a white teen, was ruthlessly beaten to death by a mob of his black peers.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family of Jonathan Lewis. Donations can be made HERE