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Sohum®️, a startup in India, is now manufacturing and selling Hotel Linen products to Hoteliers across the globe!

Our idea was to offer the hotels a variety of quality options and offer them prompt service. Hotels could also choose their best-fit products from our wide range of available options at best prices.”

— Founder

DELHI, INDIA, November 27, 2022 / — Hotel Linens are an important aspect for a great customer experience. Despite COVID-19, the Indian Hospitality Industry, spearheaded by the hotel market is expected to reach a value of INR 1,210.87 billion by the end of 2023, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13% during the 2018-2023 period.

Even though there is a considerable growth in the Hotel Industry, the hotel linen market in India is still widely unorganised. The hotel owners or managers don’t find an easy go-to option for their demands. Because of the lack of specialised vendors, the options available are mostly unreliable with their pricing unjustifiable.

This is where independent hotel owners with limited buying capacity face a lot of issues and have to look tirelessly for vendors who can fulfil their demands at genuine pricing.

Sohum Linen was founded in 2020 by the second-generation members of the family, who had entered the business not a long time ago, to cater to the rising need for linens in the hospitality industry. What started as a side business for the family, has now turned out to be, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hotel linens in India.

► How the idea was born

The young minds of the family had completed their graduation recently. With an interest in manufacturing and brand building, the founders were looking for opportunities to diversify their existing family business into new areas. They got the idea of starting Sohum Linen when one of their relatives, a hotel owner in Siliguri, mentioned to them about the problems he faced in procuring the linens for his hotels.

“Initially we thought that it is a relatively saturated market. However, the more hoteliers that we spoke to, the more confident we became about starting Sohum Linen”

The founders started examining the market. While conducting the research, they observed that 70% of independent hotels were purchasing linens of a lower quality than what they should be sourcing for their category of hotel.

“The major reason for this is the lack of availability of quality products at reasonable pricing. Different categories of hotels and resorts have different quality needs for their linens. Local vendors tend to keep a minimal variety of products which leaves the hotel owners with very limited options to choose from”- adds the founder.

It is not a big issue for International Chain Hotels such as Marriott, Hilton, or Hyatt who have large sourcing quantities because of central purchasing. However, independent hotels find it very difficult to source and maintain quality linens at their hotels, which is a key feature for a guest experience.

Thus, there was a clear institutional void. The founders told themselves that they’d fill this gap by manufacturing hotel linen products and selling them to hotels across India at the best prices. “Our idea was to offer the hotels a variety of quality options and offer them prompt service. Hotels could also choose their best-fit products from our wide range of available options without worrying about the quantity or the pricing,” the Founder adds.

But it has not been all easy for the company. Before the company was launched, it took them about a year to study and understand the market. Getting the processes right to manufacture the products at their target price was a big challenge for the founders. After a lot of persistence from the entrepreneurs, it took them eight months to get the processes, brand, and platform ready to reach out to their target audience. With a minimal budget and a team of 4 members, they shipped their first order in 2021.

Since then, they have supplied to over 1000+ Hotels and sold over one lakh plus units. Perhaps the reason for their success was the inspiration and knowledge they got from their traditional family business which has been in the textile industry for the past three decades. Or, it could simply be about perseverance and their firm belief that they could fill the gap in the hotel linen industry. In reality, it was a range of factors that came together at the right time and made for a truly inspiring story of hospitality entrepreneurship.

They have recently launched the B2C front of their website for people who want to purchase luxury linens for their home from them. They are also planning to aggressively venture into the export market and have already been in touch with several Hotels from the Middle East & Europe. The owners believe that with sheer dedication and hard work, they will soon be supplying their products to hotels across the globe.

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