“Sol Prendido” and “HEARST” for Borderland Beat

Another audio clip of hitmen alleging that Mayo handed over Ovidio’s location has emerged online. 

Another Claim of Betrayal

An audio clip that allegedly depicts communications from Chapitos hitmen has emerged online. The video was posted on Twitter by the account Fernando Diaz.

Much like the one which was previously reported on, it’s unclear if the audio is authentic or if it’s merely a ploy meant to heat up the plaza. 

The audio goes as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

Hey dude, I am being told right now that a lot of gunmen are gathering in Tamarindo, and all the surrounding ranches. 

They’ve declared war against Mayo. 

Its official that sometime tonight the Mayo people are going to face off with the Chapitos people. Gunmen from El Salado are on standby right now. 

We always knew it would end up leading to war. 

They are saying that Mayo gave up Ovidio and he tried to give up the other brothers as well, but he was unable to. 

These guys are having a conniption. This is almost certainly going to blow up now.  

If you can stay indoors, stay. Don’t come out onto the street. Don’t say anything. Keep quiet and stay in your home, for your own good. 

Some may claim that no one person could give up Ovidio’s location simply because “everyone already knew he was in Jesús María” but really that belies a lack of understanding of the narco’s personal history. 

Because Ovidio – well, he is not a man to stay in one place for too long. According to an article by El Universal, Ovidio recently lived for 6 months in Mexico City in 2021. 

It was during this period of time that a group of hitmen plotted to kill him as he visited The Cheesecake Factory located in Parque Delta. He allegedly made a habit of visiting the restaurant every Thursday – each time ordering a milkshake and a cheesecake. 

The hitmen ultimately ended up being called off because there were concerns about too many civilian casualties.