I reported previously about the effort Alyssa Milano made to do a group think and attack Elon Musk. She claimed that she’d given back her Tesla (whatever that means) and gotten a Volkswagen electric vehicle to rebuke Musk. Musk laughed at her in response, given that she was buying a vehicle from a company founded by real Nazis to be anti-Musk.

It was particularly funny given that she’d previously been swooning all over him before the leftist edict that he was “bad.” She even had him as one of the top four people she’d like to have dinner with, along with Jesus. But because that’s now “the thing,” she has to hate him and throw him under the bus.

Milano got mocked mercilessly for her efforts and ignorance of history.

It gets funnier. She tried to recover by citing Ben Jackson. Who’s Ben Jackson? A noted historian? No, the producer of her podcasts (yes, unbelievably she does podcasts on politics). Citing her producer is a bit like trying to cite yourself to support your arguments.

“My first tweet in a week to say that VolksWagon became a global brand after WW2 when it’s New leader REJECTED Nazism,” Jackson said. “Tesla became a global brand and its CEO now wants to ENABLE Nazism. These are not the same.”

So let’s start with it’s “its” not “it’s” and Volkswagen, not “VolksWagon.” He said, “It’s New leader rejected Nazism.”

It stands to reason that the “New leader” of Volkswagen would reject Nazism since it was after the war and the Nazis had been defeated. Plus, the “new leader” immediately after the war was British. That doesn’t change the history that the Nazis founded the company or that they used concentration camp labor and other forced labor to make the cars. It’s a silly argument that Milano is using to try to justify herself and her prior ignorance.

Beyond that, there’s nothing at all to support the claim that Musk wants to “ENABLE Nazism.”

What is Elon doing to enable Nazism? She doesn’t note one thing because there isn’t anything. Believing in and supporting free speech is the opposite of “enabling Nazism,” it’s enabling the right of all to speak. Unlike what happened with the Nazis, when the opposition was stamped out. Unlike what happened when Twitter was run by liberals when anyone who objected to whatever the liberal narrative was could be suppressed or face the ban hammer.

That’s much closer to fascism than anything Musk has ever said or done.

But to liberals, anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a “Nazi” because of that disagreement. Even someone Milano used to idolize. Part of the reason that liberals have a problem with what’s going on with Twitter is that they can’t just impose their narrative anymore — it will be challenged and people no longer suppressed for challenging it. That was the problem that Monica Lewinsky found out when she suddenly realized many people didn’t agree with her, that she was hearing other opinions on Twitter now and not just the liberal bubble.

Our Kira Davis urged Alyssa to “just take the L” as Milano got ratioed again for being ridiculous.

But Milano just can’t the good advice and keeps digging that hole deeper.

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