Last Updated on December 7, 2023

America First stalwarts are getting behind J6 Patriot and DC gulag political prisoner Jake Lang as the Supreme Court considers hearing arguments in his case asserting that the Obstruction of Congress charges faced by Lang and hundreds of other J6 defendants, including President Trump, are being unconstitutionally applied.

On the same day, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona firebrand Kari Lake each separately backed J6 political prisoner Jake Lang’s fight for freedom, for himself and hundreds of others, from the DC gulag and the iron fist of Joe Biden’s DOJ. Lang, who’s done time in more than a dozen prisons since his 2021 arrest on J6 charges, has spent the vast majority of his more than 1,000 days behind bars with no trial in solitary confinement.

On December 3rd’s airing of Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox News Channel, Kari Lake spoke up for Lang and the hundreds of other J6 political prisoners, as she called on Speaker Mike Johnson to publish “all” of the J6 footage “quickly” to help secure justice and “get to the bottom” of the situation.

“It’s terrible what happened,” said Lake. “This to me is one of the great injustices in American history. We have people who are rotting in this DC prison. Jake Lang, he’s been there almost three years, he’s never had a trial, he’s rotting in prison. He’s just one of dozens and dozens of people.”

“We don’t want American citizens held as political prisoners and that’s what we have right now,” Lake said.

“The conditions inside that DC jail are medieval, and we can’t forget these men who are being held right now. Trespassing charges and you’re facing more than a year behind bars, eight years behind bars.”

“Meanwhile,” Lake went on to say, “These pro-Hamas protestors who were defacing property like the White House and were in the Capitol got slapped on the wrist and all their charges dropped. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a two-tier level of justice and the American People are wising up to it.”

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Also on December 3rd, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reposted Lang on X, and announced that she agreed with Lang’s calls for Speaker Mike Johnson and the House of Representatives to convene a “NEW January 6 Select Committee that is a FACT finding investigation, not the Liz Cheney scripted anti-American propaganda we saw last year!”

“We have all the proof Jan 6 was a [set up]” Lang’s post went on, before then calling for “ALL the Federal Judges & Federal Prosecutors that have Selectively Prosecuted & unjustly punished the Jan 6 patriots to decades in prison need to be DISBARRED & removed from their positions of power by an act of Congress – immediately!!”

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Speaking with National File from the DC gulag, Jake Lang said that the public support from Lake and Greene shows that “the tide is surely turning in Washington and across America,” regarding J6 persecution and the Stalinist treatment of J6 political prisoners.

“More members of Congress like MTG and public figures like Kari Lake have become emboldened to speak out against the 2 tier system of INJUSTICE that Jan 6ers and Trump supporters are being tortured in,” Lang told National File.

“And this includes calling out Speaker Johnson to form a new January 6 Select Committee that’s actually not a complete sham,” Lang went on.

“Rubber needs to meet the road for Congress and we need real action before my third Christmas comes and goes stuck in the DC gulag basement in solitary confinement!”

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The support for Jake Lang from MTG and Kari Lake comes as the Supreme Court of the United States considers hearing arguments in his challenge to the 1512 Obstruction of Congress charges filed against he and hundreds of other J6 defendants, including President Trump, by the Biden DOJ.

Though an announcement from the court was expected last week, a delay kicked the can down the road and an announcement is now expected to come this week or next.

Last week, Lang spoke in an exclusive interview with National File from the DC gulag and further explained the politicized DOJ case against him and his challenge to it in the Supreme Court.

“This charge was originally made a federal criminal statute during the Enron case,” Lang explained during his interview with National File. “Congress wanted to ensure that the massive corporation Enron wasn’t going to shred their documents, doctor them, or obfuscate them in any way [after they’d been subpoenaed] and so they made it a very serious federal felony to do so.”

“The 1512 Obstruction of Congress charge centers around the word ‘corrupt’, or ‘corruptly’,” Lang explained to National File.

“The Supreme Court will be looking at the word ‘corruptly’ as it’s applied in the law, to determine whether or not the intentions of J6 demonstrators were ‘corrupt’,” he went on.

“We were at the Capitol on January 6th in the name of the Constitution and liberty. We’re arguing that the word ‘corruptly’ in the statute is misapplied. For them to say we were there ‘corruptly’ is ridiculous.”

“The DOJ is taking this charge and they’re overbroadly and selectively applying it,” Lang told National File.

“They’re saying that the J6ers are different than the Palestinian protestors who stormed the Capitol, or the Kavanaugh protestors who disrupted proceedings, or Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who was caught on camera pulling a fire alarm in the Capitol, apparently to obstruct a Congressional hearing.”

“In effect, us fighting this in the Supreme Court presents the greatest opportunity for President Trump to stay out of prison,” Lang told National File. “Out of all the charges in his indictments, Obstruction of Congress is by far the heftiest charge.”

“The political implication of whether they take this case or not is whether the Republican frontrunner will be running his campaign from inside a prison cell or not,” Lang went on.

“If the Supreme Court does pick this up and then side with us in our case, it will send a shockwave out to all of the George Soros prosecutors and all of the weaponized prosecutors and federal agencies out there that this will not stand!” said Lang.

“Abusing the law, using it as an instrument to bend to your will, will not stand!”

NATIONAL FILE EXCLUSIVE: SCOTUS Considers J6 Patriot Jake Lang’s Challenge to Obstruction of Congress Charge