Last Updated on November 20, 2022

Anti-speech CBS News has announced that it will stop using Twitter out of an “abundance of caution,” after the Musk-owned social media platform slightly backed off its censorship policies and restored the accounts of some banned users, notably that of President Trump.

CBS News made the announcement that it would “pause” the use of Twitter out of “an abundance of caution,” seemingly thanks to the rather small expansion of free speech that has recently taken root on the platform, following Elon Musk’s takeover.

Additionally, users banned by left-wing censors, like President Trump, have seen their accounts restored in recent days. In the case of President Trump, a poll of Twitter users posted by Musk showed strong support for the return of President Trump to the platform, once again exposing the separation between everyday citizens and the politically-charged corporate media and others who’ve called for a US President to be silenced.

It’s unclear if President Trump’s return to Twitter was the final nail in the coffin for CBS and its time on the platform, but, as many Twitter users pointed out, no one would be too surprised if it was.


CBS News Twitter
CBS News announced its “pausing” the use of Twitter after a tiny expansion of free speech on the platform.

“Musk’s Twitter ultimatum met with mass resignations,” the Cyron at CBS news read as the announcement was made.

The mass resignations CBS was referring to were apparently those of engineers who are furious with Musk’s move to in-person work after Big Tech workers benefited from prolonged COVID-19-era “work from home” policies. Now, Twitter employees must report to the office in person, like nearly everyone else with a job.

Others have reportedly resigned due to their political disagreement with Musk’s small expansion of free speech on the Twitter platform.

“In light of the uncertainty around Twitter, and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing its activity on the social media site as it continues to monitor the platform.” Jonathan Vigliotti claimed on-air with Major Garrett.

Watch the CBS announcement, and see some input from Twitter users, below:

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