This week at Richmond’s Virginia Commonwealth University, radical abortion supporters carrying Antifa and trans flags attacked a pro-life event titled “Lies Pro-Choicers Believe” and left two pro-life students injured. The coordinated attack prompted the arrest of two Richmond residents, neither of whom is affiliated with the school itself. As has historically been the case in VCU Antifa attacks, left-wing townies joined forces with left-wing students, descending on the school to violently silence free speech.


The pro-life event at VCU was organized by Students for Life of America and was designed to dispel the “lies pro-choicers believe,” but the event descended into chaos after an organized mob of militantly pro-abortion Antifa radicals, including a man in a skirt, attacked pro-life event speakers and attendees.

When the pro-abortion Antifa members descended on the pro-life event, they chanted “fascists go home,” “Nazis go home” and “f**k pro-lifers.” When pro-life students attempted to debate them, they got violent.

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According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch and video footage documenting the event, the violent Antifa members showed up screaming and shouting down pro-life speakers while VCU police stood down. Eventually, the shouting “escalated into a fight,” and two pro-life speakers, including the President of Students for Life, were injured.

Police made two arrests as a result of the violent pro-abortion outburst, though neither of the people arrested is a VCU student, carrying on with a long-held tradition at the taxpayer-funded school in which left-wing Richmond residents join forces with left-wing college students to attack the free speech rights of Patriots, Christians, and conservatives.

Despite a VCU policy that bars the interruption of peaceful speaking events, VCU police shut down the entire pro-life event as a result of the violent temper tantrum that was thrown by pro-abortion Antifa members.

“The “Lies Pro-Choicers Believe” Tour ended with police breaking up the event scheduled for Virginia Commonwealth University after Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins and Student Ambassador Isabel Brown were shouted down while trying to speak on campus about the misinformation commonly preached by pro-abortion zealots,” a statement released by Students for Life reads. “’Antifa came for a fight,’ said Students for Life of America Executive Vice President Tina Whittington who attended the event.”

Watch video footage of the pro-abortion Antifa attack below:

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