I don’t want to ruin your appetite this Thanksgiving, but I am compelled to report on a new Harvard CAPS / Harris poll which has some indigestible findings, namely, that if octogenarian Joe Biden steps down from his presidential reelection campaign, voters would prefer Kamala Harris or Hillary Clinton to be his replacement.


I almost thought I’d had too much egg nog when I read that, but that’s what the numbers say.  

California Governor Gavin Newsom is reaching for the PlumpJack wine right now, because only seven percent of respondents wanted him, while Kamala amazingly pulled the highest percentage of fans at 27. Former Secretary of State Clinton came in with 13 percent, beating out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) by three points.  

Why would Biden step down, you might ask. As we’ve reported before, voters simply think that he’s too old and isn’t up to the job—that maybe he’s a turkey. Fifty-eight percent doubt his fitness for office in this latest survey, while a whopping 66 percent think he’s grown too long in the tooth.

Mind you, respondents were a mixture of Democrats and Republicans. I know a lot of readers don’t trust polls, but you gotta admit, these numbers are baaad, even worse than that weird marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole my (beloved) grandmother used to serve up every T-Day.   

Democrats were shell-shocked when recent numbers showed former President Donald Trump beating Joe in a rematch, but that pattern continues to hold:


Still, it’s shocking that voters would even consider turning to VP Harris or Clinton, both of whom are widely disliked and divisive. Kamala can’t stop her hysterical laughing fits and has been an abject failure as border czar; Clinton, meanwhile, is back to her old shrill playbook of claiming that we’re basically all going to die if Trump is put back in office.

The other odd thing about these results is that the highest unfavorability ratings among the numerous politicians mentioned are for none other than… Joe Biden (49 percent), trailed closely by Hillary and Kamala at 47 percent each. So why would they want Harris or Clinton to step in? 

In another surprising result, guess who had the highest favorability of them all? If you had RFK Jr. on your bingo card, you bested me.

I don’t agree with the above user’s conclusion that RFK would necessarily win if the election were held today, but the numbers show his presence will have an effect on the outcome.


I’ve argued before that Hillary Clinton has been waiting in the wings, just like Gavin Newsom, praying for any opportunity to get back in the game because she never got over her loss in 2016. If Biden does indeed step down, like many predict he will, it would not surprise me a bit if she tossed her hat into the ring. The lust for power from some of these people never goes away. 

Kamala Harris, on the other hand, would have a snowball’s chance in a wood-fired pizza oven if she got into the presidential sweepstakes, and my guess is the powers that be would quickly find a way to prevent that from happening if the possibility arose.

I know many people don’t trust polls—with good reason—but the results from this one are pretty unexpected and interesting. 

The thought of Kamala or Hillary in the Oval Office makes me wonder if it’s actually Halloween today, not Thanksgiving.