“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

The Navy had been close to Ovidio Guzmán for more than two years. So close that they even prevented his assassination in Mexico City. In October 2021, the son of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán stayed at this hotel in the Nápoles neighborhood south of the capital.

According to the investigation by the Navy and the Attorney General’s Office to which Despierta had access, Ovidio was in the city to meet with alleged federal authorities. He moved around in a Land Rover and an armored Mercedes Benz. But he only had two bodyguards.

All his movements were watched, also by 5 hitmen of the Arellano Felix family. Pablo El Flaco, head of this criminal organization, had sent them from Tijuana to kill Ovidio. They landed in CDMX on October 15 and stayed near the hotel where their target was. These are two photographs the gunmen took of Ovidio from a vehicle.

Aaron ‘N’, one of the gunmen took this other image and sent voice mails to his boss, directly to El Pelon to report all of Ovidio’s movements. Once Aaron was detained by the Secretary of Citizen Security along with the other 3 suspects the audios he sent were captured in this report.  

Every day this individual identified as El Viejito deposited money to the assassins. However, the assassination attempt failed. On October 28th the 5 assassins were arrested at the Vermont intersection. Aaron saved audios and photos that gave him away along with the entire Arellano Felix plan.

Since then, the Navy never lost track of the drug lord arrested on Thursday in Sinaloa after hours of confrontations with the army. In January of this year Luis El Moreno, a cousin of Ovidio, was arrested in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood.

And from this investigation, authorities learned that Joaquin El Chapo Guzman’s son wasn’t leaving Culiacan anymore. Ovidio and his brothers found out about the thwarted attempt and decided to stay in the capital of Sinaloa.