Armenia MOD: Border with Azerbaijan is relatively tranquil, peaceful

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If the treatment of Hayk Sekhliyan, a participant in the April 2016 war, can be arranged in Armenia, it should be arranged in Armenia. Defense minister Davit noted about this Tuesday, speaking with reporters in Dilijan town.“There exists a procedure, a government decision, there are laws in place according to which if it’s not possible to conduct [medical] treatment in the Republic of Armenia, then military servicemen are given the opportunity to conduct treatment abroad,” Tonoyan noted. “[But] if the committee—which the Minister of Health is heading—doesn’t make that decision, it’s natural that the treatment should be conducted in Armenia, without subjective approaches. (…) if that treatment can be organized in Armenia, they should organize [it] in Armenia. And the relevant structures bear its responsibility.”And asked whether there is tension on the border with Azerbaijan, Tonoyan responded as follows: “At this moment, it’s relatively tranquil, peaceful.”

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