Armenian Assembly of America supports bipartisan legislation to sanction Turkey on Syrian invasion

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The Armenian Assembly of America supports bipartisan legislation proposed by US Senators Lindsey Graham and Chris Van Hollen to sanction Turkey for invading northern Syria and attacking civilian areas with Turkish warplanes, just days after the US withdrew its troops from the Syrian border with Turkey.The Graham-Van Hollen Turkey Sanctions Bill puts restrictions on US assets of Turkey’s President, Vice President, Minister of National Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Treasury and Finance, Minister of Trade, and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. The bill also sanctions military transactions with Turkey and the Turkish energy sector, prohibits U.S. military assistance, and implements visa restrictions upon Turkish authorities intending to travel to the US.“We applaud this important bipartisan legislation proposed by Senators Graham and Van Hollen. Turkey is not acting as an ally of the United States. It has continued the genocidal policies of the Ottoman Empire and has been openly supporting ISIS. It is about time that the American government recognizes that Turkey is an unreliable ally,” the Armenian Assembly Co-Chairs added.

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