Last Updated on November 29, 2023

A fed-up Catholic has taken to the airwaves with a radio ad calling on the faithful to step up and defend Bishop Joseph Strickland, who was ousted as the Bishop of Tyler, Texas by Pope Francis and left-wing church leadership for his defense of traditional Catholic beliefs and values.

The radio ad, called “FEASIBLE,” is airing in Texas and blasting the “radical Marxists” who’ve removed Bishop Joseph Strickland as the Bishop of Tyler. The ad is sponsored by “Fed Up Catholic” Christopher Ekstrom, a conservative activist and businessman who says he’s had enough of the “weak prelates” turning their backs on Catholic principles.

“Call to tell Cardinal Daniel DiNardo that he betrayed Bishop Strickland and the faith by concluding a true Bishop was not ‘feasible’ anymore,” Ekstrom says in the radio spot.

“I’m fed up with watching Catholic Priests being removed by Pope Francis. Call Cardinal DiNardo now!” he adds, before giving DiNardo’s phone number of 713-659-5461.

“Bishop Strickland has bravely and courageously defended our Catholic faith,” Ekstrom goes on in the “FEASIBLE” ad. “Radical Marxists and weak prelates hated Strickland for walking tall for the truly catholic principles we support.”

“Our greatest Texan Bishop, Strickland, is gone. Who’s next?” Ekstrom goes on to ask, before calling on Catholic listeners to “send Cardinal DiNardo a message by dropping just one penny in the collection on Sunday.”

Listen to the full radio ad HERE