Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22nd December 2022- BenQ, a well-renowned projector brand globally, has announced their No.1 position for 4K projectors in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions. BenQ has topped the projector category yet again with their reliable performance and smart solutions. Despite the pandemic’s effect on the market, BenQ emerged as a clear winner.

BenQ has ranked No.1 in the Middle East after achieving a 31.59% SoM in the 4K projector segment and whopping 79.12% SoM in the same projector segment for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That’s not all, BenQ is also proud to announce that they have been crowned the No.1 4K projector brand in the Asia-Pacific region after capturing over a quarter of such a large market with a 26.40% SoM.

BenQ became the leading 4K projector brand in the Middle East, as reported by FutureSource Consulting. Futuresource is a market research consulting company that provides specialist intelligence reports to support business decision-making.

“We are so honoured to be named the top brand in the 4K projector market segment. At BenQ, we have seen a surge in demand for projectors over the last year as more people seek improved ways and quality visual experiences to entertain and educate themselves at home. We believe that our innovative 4K projectors will provide users with an immersive and enriching cinema-quality experience. We are constantly working to improve our products so that they benefit all types of users,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East.

Despite challenges brought on by the pandemic, leading projector manufacturer BenQ Middle East has excelled and maintained their market dominance quarter on quarter and year on year. The current success of BenQ is a clear example of their dedication to creating high-quality visual solutions that are driven by innovation and technology.