National Democrats aren’t happy with the Biden administration, and they are increasingly vocal about it — at least, to the Biden people, if not to the legacy media. (The bed-wetting mentioned is a metaphor — as far as we know.) The problem? Some Democrats, especially those running for re-election, are concerned that the Biden people aren’t helping their campaigns.


Complaints of “bed-wetting” are reportedly frustrating top Democrats who feel like their concerns are being brushed off by the Biden campaign as they demand the president and his team “need to be better.”

CNN reported on Sunday that Vice President Harris has been meeting with leading Democrats for some guidance on the Biden-Harris reelection effort as some members of the party who are concerned about their chances have been feeling “sloughed off” by the White House and the president’s campaign. 

“The bed-wetting complaints are running thin with people,” one person who attended a meeting with Harris told the media outlet, referring to Democrat anxiety over the 2024 election. “The West Wing and the campaign need to be better.”

Do better, how? What have they got to brag about? Runaway inflation? The mess on the southern border? Illegal immigration stands to cost the Biden effort with independents, and his tepid support for Israel is costing him support from the radical, antisemitic left.

The bed-wetting is in large part over the perception that the Biden campaign may be defeated by “the couch” — that people frustrated with the incumbent will stay home on election day (or election week, or election month, or whatever it is now) and not vote at all.


Where they fall short is in assuming that the problem is the Biden administration’s messaging when the problem is the content of the message — that message being a vivid illustration of the most incompetent presidential administration in American history.

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Here’s the real howler:

Rep. Steve Horsford, D-Nev., reportedly called on the vice president to “talk more about housing affordability” instead of so-called Bidenomics.

“She’s a very gifted, smart, capable strategist who knows how to win,” Horsford told the outlet. “I just hope the campaign listens to all the people who are giving them good advice.”

Is Rep. Horsford talking about the same Kamala Harris? The Vice President, Kamala Harris? She of the endless word salads and the grating cackle? The same Kamala Harris who has the personal appeal of a root canal and the political savvy of a traffic cone? It’s important to note that Kamala Harris doesn’t blather the way she does because she thinks she’s talking to children. She blathers the way she does because she’s incapable of thinking above that level herself. She has all of the wit and perception of a butterbean, and that becomes more apparent every time this administration’s handlers let her out of her closet long enough to pour out another nonsensical word salad.


Joe Biden has lost it; his deterioration is becoming more and more troubling and obvious by the day. Kamala Harris is so uninspiring that if someone stole her identity, they’d return it.

Wait and watch. If they leave the current team in the top spot, the bed-wetting will only get worse. The best thing congressional and state-level Democrats could do (loathe as I am to offer advice to the opposition) is to distance themselves from the Biden administration, rather than seeking their support.