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My colleague Sister Toldjah brought you the story earlier Tuesday regarding a multitude of awkward and weird moments during an event at the White House with the Golden State Warriors to celebrating their 2022 NBA Finals victory. Not only did President Biden mangle Kamala Harris’ name, but the Vice President bizarrely introduced Joe as the “champion of our nation.” Ugh.

As Sister Toldjah wrote, “I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes that Kamala Harris likely feels a little sick inside over having to say fluffy and obviously untrue stuff like that.”

That was far from the only weirdness of the day, however—the president decided to kneel in front of the cameras for no apparent reason as the crowd groaned, “nooooo!


Kamala meanwhile cackled away as the president bent the knee, giggling, “I’m not doing that!” She continued chortling as she awkwardly took a spot in the crowd of players next to Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry.

If that moment wasn’t cringe enough for you, wait till the end when Kamala steps back onto the stage, still laughing in hysterics, and Joe appears to lunge toward the photographers. Again for no apparent reason:

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the Golden State Warriors, a sharpshooting team I used to love but lost respect for when they refused to visit the White House after championship victories in 2017 and 2018 because Orange Man Bad. They’re willing to visit Biden, the most divisive president of our time, and yet thought politicizing sports was fine when it suited their narrative? I could no longer find the stomach to root for them after those unnecessary snubs.

The question is, why was Biden kneeling in the first place? Did someone ask him to? I didn’t see anything like that; it appeared he just did it spontaneously. Was he honoring George Floyd? Perhaps giving a shout-out to the BLM movement? Who knows. It just seemed like empty virtue signaling with no purpose other than to be seen doing something “woke.”

Meanwhile, Harris continues on her one-woman quest to remain the most unserious person in government. The critics pounce whenever one criticizes Kamala, declaring that anything negative written about her is inherently racist and misogynistic, but the truth is I would criticize any official of any gender or race who was constantly giggling—seemingly uncontrollably—and laughing inappropriately. The VP doesn’t just burst out laughing at photo ops, she’s also infamous for delivering word salads and child-like commentary at serious events as well.

It’s moments like these that define the true silliness of the Biden-Harris regime.

Watch the full ceremony here if you must:

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