I wrote earlier about how Joe Biden treats the press like dirt and his staff does all they can to keep him from answering questions.

Biden had a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Reporters threw three questions out to the president as his staff tried to shout over the reporters and get them out of the room.

Even for Joe Biden, I’d have to say the responses were bizarre.

He was asked what message he would send Russia on the Ukraine dam explosion. His response? “We’re not leaving, we’re going to help Ukraine.”

A reporter pressed him on why he had made no official statement on the anniversary of D-Day, given it was such an important historic day for the American people. “It’s coming,” Biden responded.

Then they inquired what he thought about the PGA/Live merger that we reported on earlier. His response? “I’m planning on being a PGA.”

The answer on Ukraine prompted some to ask if was he admitting we were in Ukraine. What the heck was he saying there?

But his other answers were even more bizarre.

Biden’s reply about D-Day was given around 2 p.m. on June 6. Half the day was already over, and he’s only saying then, “It’s coming.” What the heck is going on in this man’s mind? I know, not a whole lot because it’s just a mass of confusion.

Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich tweeted later that he finally got around to issuing an official statement just before 6 p.m. EST.

Heinrich noted this was after last year when he didn’t post anything until 9 p.m. EST after forgetting the day for the second straight year.

I would note that he managed to put out his proclamation on “Pride Month” on May 31 the day before the month started. He didn’t forget that. This says everything about Biden’s priorities.

But perhaps the weirdest response was the last one. Here’s a better clip of that response, so you can hear exactly what he says.

“I plan on being a PGA,” Joe Biden said, pretending, I think, to take a golf swing. What does that even mean?

As our Townhall friend Spencer Brown noted, he seemed to be identifying as a golf league.

New pronouns?

Double bogey/shank.

Truly strange.

But I have a bigger question for Biden on this: did he even understand what he was being asked here? Remember how the president and the Democrats were screaming their heads off about the Saudis’ complicity in the death of Jamal Khashoggi and how he claimed that he called Mohammed bin Salman a murderer to his face last year? Now he’s not at all bothered by the Saudis’ potential influence over the PGA? What happened, what changed?

Let’s add to that this weird response from National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby.

A reporter asked, does the Biden administration have any concern with the PGA/LIV Golf merger, getting into business with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF)?

John Kirby replied, “We’ll let the Saudi government speak to that.” Wait, so they were murderers a year ago, but now the Biden team doesn’t even think it’s worth talking about and they’ll let the “Saudi government” speak to that, implicitly acknowledging the Saudi government takeover of professional golf?

What does all this mean? Biden has completely folded on whatever principles he claimed to have for the Democratic base on the matter and now just cares about not angering the Saudis so they don’t cut off oil.

It’s bizarre and shows no principles, but that’s where we are with the Biden team.