As we reported earlier, Joe Biden is now making “Shrinkflation” a part of his act to pretend like he’s doing something on prices. It’s a shell game because talking about that doesn’t do anything to reduce the prices he’s driven up with inflation with his overspending. Moreover, it’s the free market, and the government should not be involved in trying to dictate prices. But as Biden has shown before, he can never take responsibility for anything and he’s trying to blame “corporations” for “greed” when Bidenflation is his fault. 


On Tuesday, he convened a meeting of his Competition Council to announce actions to “lower costs for hardworking families by fighting corporate rip-offs.”

Biden wanted to let us know that Cookie Monster had noticed the problem, as we reported earlier, tweeting about his cookies being smaller. 

Biden said, “I was stunned when I found out that actually happened.” 

No, it didn’t actually happen. Cookie Monster is an imaginary muppet. But all the Democrats jumped on board Cookie Monster’s tweet, and ABC even covered it as though it was a “thing.” 

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This is where we are now — Biden using muppets to spin at us. We can’t even have childhood things that the Democrats don’t somehow compromise for their political agenda. We have young women being killed by illegal aliens and a border out of control, but this is what he’s concentrating on. They should be embarrassed, but they’re not. Imagine what our enemies think as Biden talks about a muppet. 


This is likely a preview of what he’s going to roll out during his SOTU address. But he can’t even read his teleprompter without talking about his “economic fission.” 

Then he struggled to say what he had to do next as his brain glitched out midway through the sentence. He just looked horrible. 

How is he going to get through a long SOTU address when he has difficulty with just brief remarks like this? 

Then, as they wrapped up the opening remarks and were supposed to go do “work” and reporters wanted answers to questions, Biden said he better not take on questions because he would “get in trouble.” (With whom? Jill? Or whoever else is pulling strings behind the scene?) But the concerning thing was the empty eyes again — you can see him zone out as it happens on this clip, as he looks blankly forward. 


That’s when his staff threw out the press. Can’t have any of them pick up on what’s happening.

At this point, it’s truly scary. I’m not even sure he can make it to November with the way he seems to be deteriorating.