I don’t know why Joe Biden’s staff can’t stop him from saying or doing things that are creepy when it comes to kids. He just can’t seem to stop, even in incredibly wrong situations, such as in the release of an American hostage from Hamas captivity. 


Americans were very happy to hear of the release of little Avigail Idan, who is a dual American-Israeli citizen, with the third group of hostages released She had her fourth birthday while in captivity. Her mother and father were both killed during the October 7th attack. Her father was killed trying to protect her. She saw him murdered by the terrorists. She was kidnapped when she ran to the neighbors. But Hamas kidnapped the group there. Little Avigail has a brother and a sister who hid in a closet to escape Hamas. It’s hard to even imagine what the little girl and her family have been through. Her brother isn’t communicating since the attack.

Biden’s remarks on her release started out well, although, again, he seemed to take credit for the release and it’s not clear what role he had. 


But the problem, as often happens with Biden, is when he extemporizes and adds in his own thoughts. Every time he does that, you know that the powers that be who are taking care of things behind the scenes are likely ripping their hair out and hoping he stops. 

He should have left it with the assurance that they were thinking about the family. Instead, he had a weird little laugh and said, “I wish I were there to hold her.”

I think she’s been through enough already. He should have left it at prayers and intentions for the family, anything along those lines. This is just weird. Seriously, just no. 

He made similar weird comments to a little girl at a military event last week.  He also asked that girl if she was 17. She was six. As I said at that time, his people have to figure this out because if there’s one thing he needs to stop doing/saying it is weird things to or about kids. They need to get that under control. But they don’t seem to be able to do so. 


Biden also seemed to have no idea at the end of the clip and in response to questions about when the other Americans being held hostage — believed to be about ten people — might be released. 

Hopefully, they — and all the remaining hostages — will be released soon as well.