As we’ve reported, Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was a confused mishmash that got virtually everything wrong, even devolving into chaos when Biden lied about Social Security and Medicare cuts and the Republicans let him hear it from the floor.

But Biden did one good thing during the speech when he recognized Brandon Tsay, the man who confronted and disarmed the Monterey Park, CA mass shooter a couple of weeks ago during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Tsay was working at the second dance hall the shooter went to, and managed to wrest the gun away from him before he could slaughter more people. His actions were incredibly brave, and he should be recognized.

Instead of doing something like presenting Tsay with a medal or some honor, Biden took Tsay’s heroism and used it to further his political agenda — using the mass shooting to once against push gun control and a ban on assault weapons.

In addition to inappropriately using the young man’s heroism to aid in his campaign to infringe on people’s Constitutional rights, there’s one big thing that Biden leaves out of the story. California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and they already have an assault weapons ban. That did not stop the shooter. Indeed, it only meant that others would be unarmed when facing the shooter. In California, law-abiding people are defenseless, as Heritage Foundation Legal Fellow Amy Swearer observed.

I’m not even sure that Joe Biden could define what an assault weapon is if he tried. The law that he helped get passed in 1994 also didn’t do what he claimed; multiple studies have said that it did not reduce violence with guns.

George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley also pointed out the problem with Biden’s claim.

But reality and facts have never stopped Joe Biden from making up tall tales about his achievements. Unfortunately, this tall tale is meant to infringe upon our Constitutional rights.

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