One thing that is perhaps most annoying about Joe Biden is his failure to properly address the real issues we face, many of which he created or made worse by his own bad policies, like the economy and the border. 


If he wants to deal with the continuing inflation, the first thought would be: stop spending excessively. 

But he doesn’t want to do that. He doesn’t want to stop throwing money at Ukraine or buying votes by canceling student debt. So what can he do to make it look like he’s doing something? 

He’s settled on this ridiculous thing of calling out things like “shrinkflation” and “junk fees.” 


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Here’s his latest post. He acts like he just discovered that DoorDash has delivery fees –that’s how out of touch he is. 

Have you ever used a food delivery app to order a meal, but noticed a much higher end price than when you started searching? This is called “drip pricing” – and it adds up. My Administration is working to end this practice and other junk fees that rip consumers off.

Has he bought any delivery food in the last decade? Now this might just be the campaign staff road testing ideas, but once again they are clueless. 


Bottom line? We can see all the fees before we hit the final submit button. We’re not imbeciles. We can decide whether we can afford it or not, although Bidenflation makes it much tougher because we have less money. So what does he think he’s doing by telling us about this? 

If this is what he’s working on, he’s not working on the things he should be focused on. He’s wasting his time on silly distractions like this rather than addressing the big problems like inflation and the border. He’s not stopping overspending, the giveaway to Ukraine, or all the other things that cost us billions. It’s the grocery bills and the gas prices that we care about and the high interest rates that are preventing us from buying homes or getting cars.

Biden shouldn’t be involved in delivery fees anyway, this is the free market. Government shouldn’t be dictating prices. But once again, Biden is acting like a radical leftist. Or the 28-year-old interns behind his X account are. Then of course if he were to somehow really attempt to do something to mess with the delivery fees, it would translate into higher prices for the food and fewer delivery drivers. Because everything he touches goes wrong. 

But notice the thing he’s not objecting to on the pricing? The taxes. Far be it from him to call that out. 

On top of all this, one of the things that many pointed out was how the Biden team couldn’t even get the iPhone graphic right — that’s not what the top of the iPhone looks like. So they went to the trouble of having someone design that and still couldn’t get it right. How much of our tax dollars went to pay for that? All to pretend he’s doing something to improve our lives. 


The post went viral with more than 5 million views, with people yelling at Biden and telling him to start focusing on doing the right things to deal with real issues.