Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Bill Gates is taking his globalist anti-energy policies to West Virginia, where he openly says he hopes to destroy the coal industry, and he’s doing it with the help of the state’s bipartisan political establishment, including Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and Republican Congresswoman Carol Miller.

Bill Gates is working hand-in-hand with West Virginia’s political establishment to crush the coal industry. Last year, he met with a bipartisan group of politicians that included Carol Miller, Joe Manchin, and Jim Justice, to, as Miller put it, “discuss energy investments and best practices to improve our workforces in [West Virginia].”

“Innovation makes West Virginia coal, gas, and carbon capture the backbone of U.S. energy independence that supplies reliable, affordable power to the world,” Miller added, talking out of both sides of her mouth as she tried to convince her constituents that inviting in, Bill Gates, one of the world’s foremost climate scam artists and an open-borders advocate, will somehow benefit West Virginians.

Carol Miller, Joe Manchin, and Bill Gates

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Miller and company’s work with Bill Gates to overhaul West Virginia and destroy the coal industry comes as Gates openly states his plans on his web pages.

On his LinkedIn profile, a social media platform regularly used as a communication rag by the global and corporate elite, he posted a graph showing the engineered collapse of the American coal industry, calling it “A step in the right direction.”

Bill Gates Hates Coal!

According to his own blog,, Bill Gates and his associates are preparing to “get rid of” America’s natural energy sector altogether, and he’s trying to convince the public that destroying an entire, nationwide industry will “benefit everyone – including those workers and communities who depend on the fossil fuels.”

Bill Gates says he wants to 'get rid' of the coal industry and American energy production.

Bill Gates’ interest in West Virginia goes well beyond meeting with legislators and posting talking points on the internet. He’s already announced through the media that he’s working with the federal government to shut down hundreds of coal power plants in West Virginia and replace them with nuclear energy facilities. These plans are in alignment with the World Economic Forum’s call to meet a “net-zero emissions goal by 2050,” meaning that over the next quarter-century, if Gates and his political allies get their way, coal miners and others employed in West Virginia’s energy sector will be systematically fired.

It’s worth noting, that when coal towns and others convert to nuclear energy, the locals are left behind. They’re often supplanted by foreign workers brought in on visa programs to benefit the corporate class.

Bill Gates Eyes West Virginia...

Bill Gates’ plans to overhaul West Virginia and America’s energy production go well beyond working with members of Congress to do so. He’s also working directly with the Chinese Communist Party, and Chairman Xi, to get it done.

Bill Gates Works With China to Crush America

As Gates continues to use his billions to influence governments around the globe and reshape America in his image, citizens are pushing back, abandoning the politicians of old who’ve led them down the road to destruction.

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Tragically, populations in Africa and other third-world regions have in fact fallen for the Bill Gates agenda, and it’s brought disastrous consequences, like modern-day medical colonialism that’s resulted in mass die-offs and disease outbreaks, and government corruption led by Gates-aligned despots.

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