Last Updated on June 13, 2023

Mainstream media outlets, RINOS, and Democrats, seemed all too eager to jump on a report that a suspicious device had been found outside the Trump arraignment. However, the suspicious device turned out to be a flat-screen tv.

Video shows DHS agents informing mainstream media outlets that the area outside the Miami Courthouse is no longer safe due to a bomb threat and “suspicious device.” In the video, DHS agents tell media members, “it is no longer safe to be in the area.”

Mainstream media journalists then began writing with joy about a bomb threat in the area before looking at what the device actually was.

A local Miami tv reporter decided to investigate what the device was and discovered that the “suspicious device” was nothing more than a flat-screen television. Video shows DHS and local law enforcement officers casually removing the tv from the area. Officers actions when removing the tv clearly showed there was never a threat to the public.

Many are questioning why DHS agents rushed to inform mainstream media outlets about a bomb threat and suspicious device when any trained law enforcement officer should easily be able to tell right away the difference between a flatscreen tv and a bomb.

Following the release of the local Miami tv stations video, DHS agents reopened the area and said there was no longer a threat to the public.

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