Does Joe Biden ever work?

It seems like he’s always off on vacation. I think the last time we checked, he’d already taken more vacation than any of his recent predecessors at this point in his term in office. He’d spent about 40 percent of his time in office on vacation, we noted in November. That was even before his Thanksgiving vacation. At this point, the question isn’t when he’s on vacation, it’s when he isn’t on vacation.

Yet, when he’s presented with the massive crisis at the border and whether he will ever be visiting the border, he responds that he doesn’t have time, he’s just so busy, there are “more important things going on.”

He doesn’t even think we deserve an answer to the question.

But again as the border crisis is roiling and El Paso is overwhelmed with illegal aliens flooding the streets, with the city’s resources being depleted, Joe Biden is leaving for St. Croix on Tuesday until past New Year’s day. Sorry, El Paso, and the other places on the border facing the influx, you will have to deal with it all.

Fox’s Peter Doocy notes, wryly, that Biden has “a lot on his plate” but will be dealing with it from “out-of-town.”

He’s going to be in St. Croix until after the New Year, staying at yet another beachfront property.

So all the rest of us are counting pennies and trying to deal with inflation that he helped to incite with his wretched policies. But he gets to relax in St. Croix. He went to Nantucket for Thanksgiving, and he went to Kiawah Island, South Carolina in August. Not to mention all the trips to Delaware every weekend, including to his beach house with the half-a-million-dollar fence he’s getting (that our taxpayer dollars are paying for).

He doesn’t care about our border, but he gets a fence to protect his security. Talk about hypocrisy.

As Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich noted, the Supreme Court’s decision on Title 42 could come while Biden is in St. Croix which means that an even bigger tidal wave of people could flood in while he was away. But that doesn’t seem to have dissuaded him from going. Priorities, you know.

In addition to the border crisis, we’re also in the middle of severe winter weather over most of the country that has resulted in all kinds of problems – from cancellation of flights to looting in Buffalo – but Biden is off to the warm climes of the islands. He doesn’t have to face cancellations like everyone else because he has Air Force One. Why should he care about all those things that are troubling all of us, when he wants to go to the islands? Hey, he got the horrible omnibus bill signed that the Democrats wanted to meet their agenda items and that will give a ton of our money to Ukraine. So why should he care about solving any of the problems that are afflicting the country, many of which he caused, and which are likely to get worse because of that bill?

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