Canada election: Ottawa South

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The riding of Ottawa South, as it’s structured now, was created in 1988 and has been held by the Liberals ever since. Current MP David McGuinty has represented Ottawa South voters in the House of Commons since 2004.CandidatesLiberals: David McGuinty (incumbent)
Conservatives: Eli Tannis
NDP: Morgan Gay
Green: Les Schram
People’s Party: Rodrigo Bolaños
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Libertarian Party of Canada: Jean-Serge BrissonMcGuinty, a lawyer by trade who was born and raised in Ottawa South, won the race in 2015 with about 60 per cent of the vote. The Conservative candidate placed second, as has been the case since 2004. Running once more under the Liberal party banner in 2019, McGuinty is asking voters to elect him to the House of Commons for a sixth term.McGuinty’s challenger from the Conservative party in 2019 is Eli Tannis. According to Tannis’ biography on his party’s website, he is an Ottawa-born businessman and philanthropist who served as vice-president of his family’s local company, Tannis Food Distributors. Tannis is also a former president of the Hawthorn Business Park Association and founding member of Tannis 21 Foundation, which has financially supported local health-care facilities and other Ottawa-based charities.McGuinty is also up against NDP candidate Morgan Gay, a community activist and national negotiator with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, and Green party candidate Les Schram, a long-time Ottawa South resident who ran in the riding for the provincial Green party in the 2018 Ontario election.Ottawa South covers most of the city’s suburban south end, as well as the Ottawa International Airport and the Ottawa Hospital’s General campus.The riding is bordered to the north and west by Highway 417, and the Rideau River and Limebank Road to the west. The south border zigzags west down Hunt Club Road, south down Conroy Road, west down Davidson and Lester roads, south down the Canadian Pacific Railway, and finally west down Leitrim Road until it hit Limebank.Get daily local headlines and alerts

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