Canada election: Yukon

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Liberal MP Larry Bagnell is seeking his sixth term as Yukon’s representative in Parliament. His impressive run was briefly interrupted by a close defeat to Conservative Ryan Leef in 2011, an anomaly in a territory that has voted to the left since 1987.Leef, a former RCMP officer, was able to trounce Bagnell by painting him as a supporter of the locally-unpopular long-gun registry. But his re-election bid hit a rough patch when he performed a citizen’s arrest on a woman caught vandalizing his campaign signs, forcing her to the ground to handcuff her.Story continues below

Whether because of that bizarre event, or the Liberal wave that swept through B.C. spreading north, Bagnell ultimately won back his seat in a relative landslide after earning 10,887 votes (53.65 per cent) to Leef’s 4,928 votes (24.29 per cent).While the Conservatives work to turn the territory blue again, NDP candidate and former president of the Yukon Federation of Labour Justin Lemphers could have a better shot of presenting himself as an alternative to Bagnell, who broke a 13-year streak for the New Democrats when he was first elected in 2000.CandidatesLiberal: Larry Bagnell
Conservative: Jonas Smith
NDP: Justin Lemphers
Green: Lenore Morris
People’s Party of Canada: Joseph Zelezny
DemographicsEuropean: 24,990, 71.2 per cent
Aboriginal: 8,320, 23.7 per cent
Filipino: 1,330, 3.8 per cent
Chinese: 625, 1.8 per cent
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