Last Updated on October 15, 2023

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk joined Patrick Bet-David’s PBD Podcast program after Hamas launched unprecedented attacks against Israel, killing an estimated 1,300 people and plunging the region into a war that has the potential to spin completely out of control and ensnare numerous regional and global powers, including the United States. During his interview, Kirk said he is unconvinced that Hamas militants managed to pull off a sneak attack of such huge proportions, considering that Israel “is a fortress” and suggested that the attack’s success could be the result of a stand down order given to the Israeli Defense Forces.

“I’ve been to Israel many times, the whole country is a fortress,” said Charlie Kirk. “…I still have the same gut instinct that I did initially. I find this very hard to believe,” he went on. “I’ve been to that Gaza border, you cannot go 10 feet without running into a 19-year-old with an AR-15, or an automatic machine gun, that is an IDF soldier. The whole country is surveilled.”

“Let me just kind of go through this,” said Kirk, before giving a run-down on the Israeli political crisis that preceded the attacks.

“The last 9 months, Israel was on the brink of civil war. That’s not an exaggeration,” Kirk said. “This judicial stuff, there were hundreds of thousands of Israelis taking to the streets because Bibi Netanyahu was basically redefining the Israeli constitution.”

“There were protests planned this week against Netanyahu, where they anticipated tens of thousands of people to take to the streets. That’s all gone now. Netanyahu now has an emergency government and a mandate to lead.”

“I’m not willing to say, to go so far as to say, that Netanyahu knew or there was intelligence here, but I think some questions need to be asked. Was there a stand down order? Was there a stand down order?” asked Kirk.

“6 hours? I don’t believe it,” he said.

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“Israel is the size of New Jersey. When I took a helicopter ride from Jerusalem to the Gaza border, it was 45 minutes.”

“[It took the IDF] 6 hours! [Hamas was] live streaming the killing of Jews. Did someone in the government say stand down? That is a legitimate non-conspiracy question. The whole country is the IDF, the whole country is! And you’re trying to tell me that they’re going to concerts, and kibbutzes, and schools?”

Watch a clip from Kirk’s PBD Podcast interview below: 

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