Since Hunter Biden’s latest indictment on nine tax evasion-related counts, folks have been pouring through the indictment to see what all the president’s son not only did, but tried to get away with it.


A man who went on what he himself called a “bacchanal” in his memoir, Hunter Biden sure did live it up and give in to virtually every vice a man with privilege and means can give in to. Drugs, sex, trading on the value of your dad’s name, the whole nine yards. It’s almost impressive just how insanely off the rails Hunter went. The man can party.

Will Scharff, who is a candidate for Attorney General in Missouri, worked into the wee hours going through the latest indictment and pulled out the “greatest hits,” as it were.

Now, I won’t share all 16 tweets (posts? X’s? I don’t know the terminology anymore) here, but I want to share with you some of the absolute best, because it goes beyond “He has a problem” to “Holy @#$%, he’s out of his mind.”

First, as Will notes, Hunter Biden decided he could spend all of his money on everything except his taxes – which is exactly how Special Prosecutor David Weiss described it in the filing.

Well, I have to take that back. He spent his money on everything except taxes and child support.

At one point, Hunter’s ex-wife apparently saw his tax returns, unfiled, in the trunk of his car. He told her they were copies, despite the fact that the checks were attached to them. Incredible!

But it’s the point where the sin and debauchery really become apparent that we understand this dude is living the kind of lifestyle Hollywood would be jealous of. He’s spending a ton of money on strippers and his “girlfriends,” to the point where Hunter’s secretary gets mad one of his girlfriends is getting a higher salary than she is. Absolutely insane stuff.


And then, there is this.

This is where I disagree with Scharf a bit – dancing is art, sir. Sure, you can’t display it in your house for all to see, but come on. 

We also have this, which is clearly evidence that we need tax reform in this country. If your strippers don’t count as a “business expense,” is this really even America?

Hunter Biden is just supporting sex workers. Why does the government have to frown on that?

All joking aside, this is behavior that just screams “privilege.” Sure, addiction plays a big role, but this type of addiction – sex, strippers, and snuff – is born of a lot of means and very few instances of people telling you “No.” On a certain level, we should feel pity that someone was allowed to sink so low before finally being offered “help.” At the same time, we know that the people offering help, however meager that help may be, are the reason it happened in the first place.