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Chihuahua has not only requested the transfer of men to federal prisons because they represent a high risk, but has also done the same with women who must have special surveillance measures, among them are leaders of kidnappers, as well as an alleged serial killer, or who have participated in violent crimes such as kidnappings and massacres with the Aztecas gang that operates for the Juarez cartel.

A document in possession of the Ministry of Defense (Sedena) and made public by the Guacamaya hacktivists, reveals that the federal government accepted the transfer of 175 inmates on May 6, 2022, among them 70 women serving sentences for various crimes, such as extortion, femicide, the execution of ministerial police officers, as well as the first woman sentenced to life imprisonment in Mexico.

The document signed by Luis Alfonso Harris Arrondo, state penitentiary authority, and addressed to General Luis Rodríguez Bucio, then commander of the National Guard, states that the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) authorized the transfer to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation Number 16, “CPS Femenil Morelos”.

In his letter he reiterates the need and urgency of the displacement of these individuals, given that they have a high criminal profile and are linked to high impact events in the state, a situation that undermines the security, governance and stability of the prison in which they are being held.

In our country, there are few cases of women who have stood out in the world of drug trafficking, such as Ivonne Soto Vega, La Pantera, who was an operator for the Arellano Felix brothers’ cartel, becoming its main money launderer. Also noteworthy is the case of Delia Patricia Buendía, Ma. Backer, who headed the Neza cartel.

Chihuahua authorities requested a prison change for Karina Rubí Pérez Valtierra, who participated in the homicide of Meiby Oyuki Santaella Camacho and César Amador Estupiñán Ibarra, whose bodies were abandoned in the trunk of a vehicle, in August 2018.

Along with four other people, the woman is under investigation for the massacre of eleven people in the Pradera de los Oasis neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez, who, with the support of other members of the Los Aztecas gang, were tied hand and foot and tortured until they were strangled on the orders of one of their bosses.

Flor Cazarín González, La Madrina, was accused of being the leader of a gang that committed violent assaults and massive property theft in Ciudad Juárez, where her son also operated. She was convicted for the death of two women, but reports indicate that she could be involved in up to 20 and 25 murders. That is, they presume she is a serial killer.

Erika Patricia Alonso Sandoval, La Muñeca, became the first woman to receive a life sentence in Mexico. This was announced by the government of Chihuahua at the time, after finding her responsible for leading a kidnapping gang called Los Mochadedos, a group responsible for the murder of two businessmen.

Iveth Nalleli López Hernández, Kira, received a 21-year prison sentence for killing Miguel Edwin Juárez Palma, along with another person, during an alleged occult ritual.

Lizeth del Carmen Guzmán Agosto, La Foca, was found guilty, along with another person, of the crimes of aggravated homicide and attempted aggravated homicide, to the detriment of three members of the State Investigation Agency (AEI).

Likewise, Dania Idssel Vázquez Ramírez was found responsible for the crime of gender-related homicide and a judge sentenced her to 31 years in prison, after proving her participation in the death of the woman identified as Anabel Montañez López, 33 years old.

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