Asia Times: China, Japan up military ante on the Nansei Islands  

China cranks up attack drills around strategic islands in apparent response to Japan’s intent to double its defense spending

China has stepped up its naval and air drills around the Nansei/Ryukyu Islands, ratcheting tensions alongside a rapidly re-arming Japan. 

Japan News recently reported that a Chinese carrier battlegroup spearheaded by the Liaoning has been conducting naval drills simulating an attack on the Nansei/Ryukyu Islands since December 16, with the exercises set to end on December 26. 

The Chinese Communist Party-run Global Times identifies the ships as the Type 055 cruiser Lhasa, the Type 052D destroyer Kaifeng, the Type 903A replenishment ship Taihu, and the hull number 796 electronic reconnaissance vessel.  

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WNU Editor: The Chinese are not the only ones who are taking notice of Japan’s intent to double its defense spending …. Japan’s beefed-up defense stance rattles its neighbors (DW).