The Yinmahu could serve as a makeshift dock for emergency on-site repair. Photo: CCTV © Provided by South China Morning Post  

SCMP: Chinese navy shows new heavy-lift ship carrier, revealing future role in wartime transport and vessel rescue 

* The Yinmahu is a semi-submersible heavy-lift ship that could ferry equipment and ships, rescue damaged vessels and serve as emergency repair dock 

* While Chinese state TV showed the ship doing various manoeuvres, it did not reveal the vessel’s specifications or the trial locations 

The Chinese navy’s new heavy-lift ship is ferrying other ships during trials as the People’s Liberation Army ramps up its warship projection and rescue capability, state television reported. 

The Yinmahu, bearing the hull number 834, ran ship transport trials after travelling almost 1,000 nautical miles to several undisclosed locations recently, CCTV reported on Thursday.  

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WNU editor: This heavy-lift ship carrier can carry the Chinese aircraft carrier the Liaoning, which has a 60,000-tonne displacement and a 10-metre draft.