New York Governor Kathy Hochul and local emergency services in Erie County are under criticism for their preparation and response to the Buffalo Blizzard of 2022 after a mentally disabled man named Joey White, 64, was narrowly saved from being frozen to death in the elements after he was found by a resident. Trent, the boyfriend of Sha’Kyra Rain Aughtry, helped nurse Joey back to health as the city remained impassable due to the National Guard presence.

White, an employee of North Park Theatre in Buffalo, New York, is currently being treated at the burn unit at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) for fourth degree frostbite.

“The blizzard was predicted on Monday and struck on Friday. Gov. Kathy Hochul sent the first 50 National Guardsmen on Saturday and 200 more on Sunday,” New York radio host Bob Lonsberry said. “No Guardsmen prepositioned before the storm, and none sent at all until 24 hours after the storm had [begun] and victims were already dead,” the Mount Morris-based radio host said.

Aughtry revealed that a bag which Joey had been holding onto had frozen to his hands and needed to be cut off.

“I cut the bag. He had a bag. When my boyfriend found him, he had a bag. He had this top bag, this bag on his hands. It [was] frozen to his hands. I cut it off,” Aughtry stated.

Aughtry said she had attempted to contact both local 911 emergency services and the National Guard but no publicly-funded authority came to help.

“Nobody has [come]. I’ve called The National Guard. I have called 911. I have called everybody. They keep telling me I’m on a list. I don’t want to be on the list,” she said.

“This man is not about to die over here,” she said. “Y’all need to get this man some help. I don’t know how many people

“Another thing: he’s disabled. He has the mind of a ten-year-old. He’s 64. He told me he was 60,” Aughtry said. “He is 64 years old. His name is Joe. Y’all need to come and get him. I don’t care who come and get him, but you all need to get this man some help. I’ve [done] everything. My kids [are] sitting here scared. I’m scared. This is not my profession, [sic.].”

Betty Buffalo, a citizen of the Town of Amherst, New York, spoke with The National File on Monday evening and criticized the Erie County government and the Democratic Party.

“Democrat-run cities are all the same. Very corrupt. Erie County wants to spend millions on a new football stadium but can’t find the money for better equipment to handle snowstorms,” Betty said.

“It’s not all on Hochul though. Our County Executive, Mark Poloncarz is Second-in-command here,” Betty said. “Old people especially may not survive the cold, however, there are a lot of heartwarming stories too. People who let strangers into their home who were stranded.”

“There was some looting in the city, but there was kindness and neighborly love more than anything,” she added.

“Erie County will get their funding from the government like they did with COVID….and I’m sure it will be put to good use!” Betty said sarcastically.

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