“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Female Reporter: One of the masterminds of the Villas de Salvarcar massacre and the murder of three people linked to the U.S. consulate in 2010 were sentenced this weekend by the federal judiciary for organized crime, drug trafficking and carrying firearms. Santiago Duran Salas aka El Chogui or El Chago, Antonio Chavez Ortega aka El Sogo, Ricardo de la Torre Barrios aka El Guero, Dario Saenz aka El Ceros, and Francisco Puga de la Torre aka El Paco or Pancho were sentenced to 23 years in prison. These subjects were arrested in July 2010. Look, they were arrested in 2010 and they were sentenced just now, almost in 2023.

Male Reporter: They’re practically out of prison at this point.

Female Reporter: That’s so true.

Male Reporter: I’m seeing something else that’s just as hard to comprehend. The culprits who attacked the consulate employees behind the municipal president’s office were given life in the US.

Female Reporter: Yes. But here they were given 23 years of imprisonment. Like I had previously mentioned they were detained in the month of June in 2010. Along with one of the leaders from the Los Aztecas gang nicknamed El Cameo who was taking refuge at a residence in the Tres Torres neighborhood at the time of their arrest.

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