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The following is a direct translation of an article written by Informador

Members of the CJNG ambushed Mexican Army personnel, in the town of La Higuerilla, in the municipality of Santa María del Oro.

A new shootout between members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and the Mexican Army occurred in the southeastern region of Jalisco. No lives were lost but some soldiers were injured. 

Video Source: Noticel

CJNG hitmen ambushed Army soldiers in the town of La Higuerilla, located within the municipality of Santa María del Oro, in the state of Jalisco.

Santa Maria del Oro, Jalisco

Initial reports indicate that in the attack, three soldiers were wounded. Fellow soldiers gave the wounded soldiers medical attention and the soldiers were last known to be waiting for airlifted out, to a hospital nearby. 

The attack was carried by hitmen from regions near the Michoacan-Jalisco border. 

Location of Santa Maria del Oro

Reports indicate that the CJNG men attacked the armed forces with high-powered rifles, including Barrett .50 caliber assault rifles, explosives-laden drones and minigun machine guns. 

As of the writing of this story, the total number injured has not been officially confirmed.  


A week ago it was reported that the  inhabitants of at least 10 towns in the municipality of Santa María del Oro, Jalisco, requested support from the federal government.

They asked the federal government to increase their military presence in the region because they have been the target of attacks by the CJNG in recent days.

Villagers from El Vallecillo, Las Higueras, Santa Rosa, Higuerillas, San Vicente, La Taberna and La Soledad, among others, were recently displaced by the CJNG.

“We are hiding in other locations because we can’t go to our ranches to recover our things or our animals, because if we do, they will shoot at us, or attack us with drones loaded with explosives,” said Juan Antonio Méndez.

The day laborer explained that a few days ago the cartel group had broken into pastures, homes and farms in this region. 

“We thought they had already left, but when we went to go back for our little houses and our little animals, the armed group stopped us and started shooting at us.”

“So, we are requesting that the Army start patrolling out to our ranches, so that we can return,” he said. 

Juan Antonio emphasized that the displaced inhabitants of these ranches trust the battalion that recently installed a military base in the town of Zipoco, which enabled other families to return to their homes and their normal lives.

He emphatically pointed out that they did not want the Jalisco State Police to be sent, “because those bastards are bought & paid for [by the CJNG]. The soldiers they send from Zamora are also bought off by the Jalisco police, so we are requesting that they send us the soldiers from the 79th Infantry Battalion of the 15th Military Zone based in Tecalitlán – they are the ones who will actually protect us.”

In a video recorded by the inhabitants, one of the criminal offensives perpetrated by this criminal organization against them can be heard in the distance. 

Federal security sources confirmed that they have received reports of attacks on the civilians in this area of Jalisco, which borders Michoacán. 

They stated they have been ordered to patrol this region and, if necessary, they will install another Army base in order to protect the inhabitants. 

Source: Informador