Last Updated on January 24, 2023

As President Biden continues to face fallout from caches of classified documents found at a number of his properties and offices, former Vice President Mike Pence announced that he had found classified documents from his Vice Presidency at his home. The documents were promptly turned over to the FBI for review, an attorney for Pence announced.

A seperate lawyer conducted a search of Pence’s home last week and discovered about a dozen documents marked “classified” while doing so, ABC news reported.

The search was done proactively after classified documents were found at President Biden’s home and a former office of the Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C.

Questions remain over why Merrick Garland did not authorize an FBI raid of Biden’s properties in order to search for documents, as was done in the case of former President Trump.

In a letter addressed to the National Archives, a representative for Pence stated that the former vice president had sought outside counsel to review his records in wake of the Biden news. It was during that review that a lawyer found a “small number of documents that could potentially contain sensitive or classified information interspersed throughout the records.”

In the later, attorney Greg Jacob wrote that the documents were believed to have been transferred “inadvertently” and were turned over immediately. He added that the documents were not reviewed upon discovery of the “classified” labels.

The Pence documents are now the subject of a review by the Department of Justice’s National Security Division and the FBI.

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