Last Updated on November 17, 2022

At a recent event in New York City for a female activist group named Let Women Speak, a group of male high-end fashion models who are transgender activists attacked and threatened the group of women who were speaking in support of women’s rights.

The group speaks out about who they call “trans-superiority activists” and were treated very gently by the police.  Disturbingly, they were allowed to physically attack the women.

Jeanna Hoch was in attendance at the event and spoke to the media after she was spat at and pushed around.


“They use actual violence against women and then cry crocodile tears about their incorrect interpretation of a woman’s speech. Please, run scared little boys. Stay away from us!!,”  Hoch, a women’s rights activist, wrote on Twitter recently after attending the NYC rally.

She later appeared on Tucker Carlson to talk about the bizarre event.

“Those trans are everything they say. We do not want these violent men in spaces that is meant for girls and women. This is happening all across women. They treat us, and sometimes events have to be canceled,” she told Fox News audiences.

“The energy was in danger.  I didn’t expect it to be that bad; we were threatened, and police and women were assaulted.  I cam out to join the Let Women Speak tour, because I wanted to be with other women and we wanted to be heard.  We think the trans movement is dangerous. We want to talk to people on the street. ”

Women online noticed that Coach, a favorite brand for handbags and accessories, was employing someone who was violent to women.

In a normal world a corporation would not want that kind of bad PR before a major holiday. Hoch made sure to thank the other organizers of the event, who had to spend their own money to bring awareness to the issue- but things are different with the Trans-antifa movement.

According to Hoch organizers of the recent New York City event included: Amanda Stulman (Keep Prisons Single Sex), K. Yang (, and Amy Sousa (Known Heretic on YouTube).

“I want to thank them for all of their hard work, dedication, planning, and money put to exposing trans supremacists for the violent misogynists they are,” Hoch posted on Twitter.

Due to credible threats of violence, the group was prepared with real security.

“1st Line Protection, which is a woman-owned business, provided our security. We were joined by the founders of Partners for Ethical Care,” Hoch told National File.

“The lie that we are a far-right extremist group must stop. We aren’t one unit. Many of us have been working together for a very long time under constant threats of violence and abusive tactics to stop our speech, and the left-leaning mainstream outlets refuse to cover the incidents of violence. In the event they actually do mention an occurrence, there’s almost always the spin that we’re a right winged hate group.”

The violent ones were caught on video:

Martucci is seen chasing women down and aggressively confronting them, even pushing police aside while stalking the women’s groups:

According to Hoach, plans for boycotts targeting Coach, Ulta and a handful of other companies have been discussed.

“I’ve seen a lot of women call for a boycott of their own accord. Women don’t want this. We don’t want it from Coach or Ulta or Sephora or Target or any of the companies paying people like Dylan Mulvaney. We’re sick of it collectively and without the need to organize. We’ll simply spend our money elsewhere,” she told National File.

Hoch is not alone.  Also in attendance at the rally was a K. Yang, who identifies as a former ‘trans rights activist and an LGBTQ nonprofit whistleblower.

National File reached out to Coach for a statement; if one is received, we will update this article.

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