Health concerns have been raised about an “angel squat” pose made famous by a renowned actress in China which is being widely copied by people on the mainland.

The pose, where people squat down barefoot on her tiptoes, was popularised by Dilraba Dilmurat in a fashion magazine shoot which went viral on mainland social media, inspiring widespread imitation.

In the magazine images, Dilraba, who was born and raised in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang in the Uygur autonomous region, is styled like an angel, adorned with platinum blonde hair and white wings, creating the epitome of ethereal beauty.

Many people have taken to the Xiaohongshu social media platform to share their attempts at mastering the pose.

Xinjiang-born actress Dilraba Dilmurat struck the above pose during a fashion photoshoot for a magazine. Photo: Baidu

However, it is challenging because it demands significant balance and sustained muscle tension in the legs and back to maintain stability for an extended period.

“This move is hard to learn,” one person noted.

“I tried it, and it’s quite difficult, mainly because your soles have to be vertical, which is not as simple as it seems,” another said.

There have also been some humorous reflections.

“Joining the trend, I tried the Dilraba angel squat and realised the significant divide between me and a female star. Those who can do the angel squat are not angels,” one online observer said.

Another person posted photos of herself alongside photos of Dilraba’s pose and joked: “This is the difference between a monkey and a fairy.”

“Poor squat versus Dilraba’s angel squat. When she squats, it’s like an angel coming down to earth, but when I do it, it looks like I’m preparing to use a squat toilet,” another person quipped.

Amid the frenzy, a trending hashtag #WhyYouShouldn’tTryDilraba’sAngelSquat surfaced on mainland social media, with medical experts warning of health risks.

They cautioned that people not accustomed to regular exercise could easily injure their hip joints, knee cartilages or ankle joints, according to the media outlet, City Link.

The “angel squat” is similar to a pose used in yoga and can offer health benefits when practiced as part of a learned yoga routine.

However, people with issues such as problems with the arches of their feet may find it painful due to a lack of elasticity and flexibility, as well as weaker shock absorption capabilities.

Relying on the small area of the tiptoes for balancing is complicated and increases the chance of falling.

Concerns about potential injury have been echoed online.

Health experts have warned that people attempting to copy the pose could cause themselves an injury. Photo: Baidu

“There are always people who fail to see that it’s the person who is beautiful, not the pose,” one observer wrote.

“This is a pose for a magazine shoot. People shouldn’t try to imitate everything,” another said.

In 2021, a 33-year-old woman from Changsha, the capital of central China’s Hunan province, tried the trending “Asian squat” pose online – squatting with one foot on tiptoe and the other leg resting on the foot.

She lost her balance and fell, damaging her right knee.