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a throwing of a person or thing out of a window

assassination by defenestration


a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office)

the defenestration of political leaders

the mass defenestration of middle management

Yet another high-profile Russian with ties to President Vladimir Putin has died under mysterious, or—let’s just say it—suspicious circumstances.

The latest casualty is 58-year-old high-ranking defense official Marina Yankina, who plunged to her death from a 16th story apartment window in St. Petersburg.

Yankina was deeply involved in the finances of Russia’s military adventures, according to the Daily Mail:

Ms Yankina was a key figure in the funding of Vladimir Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine as head of the financial support department of the Ministry of Defence for the Western Military District, which is closely involved in the dictator’s invasion.

There are indications of rampant fraud and embezzlement regarding that financing—so the fall could be Putin’s punishment.

Yankina is just the latest in a long string of supspicous suicides and dubious deaths of Russians. Earlier this month, Major General Vladimir Makarov—who had been fired by Putin—was found dead at his farmhouse outside Moscow with a bullet wound to the head. The cause? You guessed it—“suspected suicide.”

Makarov had been in charge of stamping out opposition to Putin. It’s unclear why he was fired.

In September, I wrote about a rash of suicides and weird deaths of Russian oil oligarchs, many connected to state-owned energy giant Gazprom. Since then, many more Putin detractors, oligarchs, military personnel, and media executives have met their ends, with a disturbing number “falling” out of high-rise windows. Before that, RedState’s streiff had thoughts on what he called, in a brilliant turn of phrase, a “Mysterious Outbreak of Epstein Syndrome.”

As he pointed out then, “being a politically connected billionaire is not all superyachts and scantily clad ‘models.’ It is damned stressful, if not downright dangerous.”

The Kremlin is too mysterious for us to know exactly what is going on, but it seems pretty clear something is. There are many reports, as well, of infighting among Russia’s power-brokers, and a growing dissatisfaction with Putin and his fruitless war among oligarchs and generals.

Like one of his predecessors, Joseph Stalin, Vlad may simply be whacking anyone who he feels is a threat.

He may also simply be deeply frustrated with his Ukraine escapades and is taking it out on his subordinates.

Either way, a cornered animal is dangerous indeed. As RedState reported extensively, even the daughter of Putun’s friend got caught in the crossfire and died in a targeted car bombing.

Again, these deaths aren’t all necessarily attributable to Putin, but if I were a Vladimir friend or associate, I would stay away from windows above the second floor–and watch my back.

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