Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is off to a horrific start in Iowa. Small crowds, low views, low energy, and awkward moments have marred DeSantis’ trips to the Hawkeye state.

GOP voters have no interest in watching Ron DeSantis’ Iowa speeches. So far, all of the Florida Governors’ speeches in the Hawkeye state have struggled to reach 3k more views on DeSantis’ Youtube page. This is an ominous sign for DeSantis.

Worse, DeSantis has struggled to draw in-person crowds in Iowa. So far, his events have struggled to top 300 people. As a result, many are drawing comparisons of DeSantis’ Iowa crowds to Jeb Bush’s Iowa crowds in 2015.

DeSantis’ behavior towards the attendees of his event has been awkward to say the least. Video of DeSantis wiping his nose and then shaking a voter’s hand, who is in a wheelchair, has gone viral. DeSantis also rudely brushed off a South Dakota State representative who drove hours to Iowa to meet the Governor of Florida. Interesting because Team DeSantis has been attempting to sell to voters that Ron is good at working with state legislators. Overall awkward laughs and facial expressions have marred the Florida Governor.

Trump will be hosting a Town Hall in Iowa on Thursday. Before leaving for the Hawkeye state, Trump posted on TruthSocial, “Looking forward to my stay in Iowa, a Great State that I did more for than any other President including: USMCA, 28 Billion Dollars from China to our farmers, and saving Ethanol, which was dead until I got involved! Will be landing soon.”

Iowa Caucus polling shows Trump holding a 42-point lead over DeSantis in the Iowa Caucus. Given DeSantis’ low crowds, views, and energy, it’s safe to assume that current polling data is correct.

The Iowa Caucus kicks off in early 2024. Stay with National File for continuing GOP Primary coverage.

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