Friday proved to be another disaster for Ron DeSantis. First, the Florida Governor lied to South Carolina voters, saying that he “won” against Disney. As DeSantis was giving his speech, DeSantis’ Never Back Down PAC was spreading disinformation about Trump’s crowd sizes in Iowa for a second day in a row.

DeSantis told South Carolina voters he beat Disney, saying, “We never backed down, we stared them down, and we beat them on parent’s rights and education.”

In reality, it is a widely understood fact that Disney outmaneuvered DeSantis. The Florida Governor failed epically to strip Disney of its self-governing rights. Trump commented on DeSantis’ failures with Disney, writing on TruthSocial “DeSanctus is being absolutely destroyed by Disney. His original P.R. plan fizzled, so now he’s going back with a new one in order to save face. Disney’s next move will be the announcement that no more money will be invested in Florida because of the Governor – In fact, they could even announce a slow withdrawal or sale of certain properties or the whole thing. Watch! That would be a killer. In the meantime, this is all so unnecessary, a political STUNT! Ron should work on the squatter MESS.”

Team DeSantis has been failing to match Trump’s energy on the campaign trail, so for a second day in a row Team DeSantis is lying about Trump’s crowd size in Iowa. Never Back Down shared an image of a 75 percent full Trump Town Hall and claimed Trump’s town hall had low attendance. However, one can clearly tell the picture was taken well before the event started.

The actual video of the Trump Town Hall shows a full room packed with people.

Video from Trump’s Iowa events on Thursday shows much larger crowds than DeSantis’ recent Iowa events.

Yesterday National File reported on the fact that people within Team DeSantis were sharing a video of Trump at a radio station and claiming only 7 people showed up in Iowa to see him.

National File also reported on National Weather Service data proving a tornado outbreak in the Des Monies Iowa region on the date Trump canceled his rally due to weather. Team DeSantis has falsely claimed that there were no tornados and that Trump’s fictional lack of ability to draw a crowd led him to cancel the Iowa rally.

The lies from DeSantis show that the campaign is becoming more desperate by the day.