Esper says Afghans should not misinterpret America’s withdrawal from northern Syria

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Afghans should not misinterpret America’s sudden and controversial withdrawal from northern Syria as a harbinger of a similar move in Afghanistan, said Pentagon head Mark Esper.The head of the Pentagon also hinted that part of the US military might remain in Syria to protect oil fields, but noted that a decision has not been made so far.The US announced the withdrawal of 1,000 US troops from northeastern Syria, a few days after Turkey launched an offensive against the U.S.-backed Kurdish Self-Defense Forces.This step provoked the indignation of observers and even members of the Republican Party, who considered the sudden withdrawal of troops to be a betrayal of Kurdish fighters, whom the US had trained and armed for years to fight the ISIS jihadists in Syria.Speaking about the mission in Kabul, Esper said that America has maintained a long-standing commitment to Afghanistan, noting that the direction of US policy towards this country is completely different. According to him, all this should convince our Afghan allies and others that they should not misinterpret their actions against Syria and contrast this with Afghanistan.America wants to stay in Afghanistan because it is still facing a vicious terrorist threat, he added.

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