The agency alleges he conspired with two others – Au Yeung Siu-fung and Yeung Siu-on – to defraud the university by concealing his interest in two supply companies.

The former professor allegedly induced the university to engage the two suppliers in 17 tendering and procurement exercises to buy laboratory equipment and testing services between 2011 and 2019.

The exercises involved about HK$4 million in payments to the two suppliers, Chun Fo (Asia) Pharmaceutical Co Limited and PIT Limited, in which Yeung had direct or indirect financial interests, the ICAC said.

It said Yeung Siu-on became PIT Limited’s sole director and shareholder in late 2011, For the other supplier, Yeung Siu-on was its sole director and shareholder when it was incorporated in mid-2012, while Au Yeung Siu-fung took over the position in late 2012.

The professor was required to declare a conflict of interest with any suppliers before engaging them in accordance with the regulations. Suppliers were also required to declare whether any university staff have any interest in them.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Photo: Winson Wong

As Yeung had left Hong Kong when his alleged accomplices were charged in September 2022, a warrant for his arrest was issued by a court in October that year after an application by the ICAC.

In August last year, an Interpol “red notice” was issued for his arrest, and the ICAC was notified by the body late last month that Yeung had been detained by Polish authorities at an international airport.

Hong Kong’s Department of Justice has applied for his provisional arrest under the UN Convention Against Corruption, to which both Hong Kong and Poland are signatories.

A formal request for the surrender of the former professor was under preparation and will be made, an ICAC spokesman said.

In October last year, Yeung Siu-on was sentenced to 28 months in jail at the District Court after pleading guilty to 11 counts of conspiracy to defraud and fraud.

Au Yeung Siu-fung, who pleaded not guilty to three counts of conspiracy to defraud and fraud, had his case adjourned to December 19 this year.