Last Updated on December 27, 2022

National File can exclusively report that establishment-leaning members of the House Freedom Caucus are considering a compromise to make Kevin McCarthy the next Speaker of the House; a compromise that involves keeping Nancy Pelosi’s rules, while adding a watered-down version of the crucial motion to vacate the chair.

Under the compromise being considered by some Freedom Caucus members, to come over to the side of establishment leader Kevin McCarthy, a two-thirds majority will be required to “vacate” the position of Speaker.

Before the crucial motion was effectively killed by Nancy Pelosi, making the Speaker of the House all-powerful and requiring party leadership to initiate the motion to vacate, any member of Congress could challenge the Speaker’s power and a simple majority of votes could end a speakership.

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In 2015, then-Freedom Caucus Rep. Mark Meadows did just that, kicking off the chain of events that led to the end of GOP’er John Boehner’s congressional career.

That same year, Kevin McCarthy launched his first bid for the speakership, in an effort to fill the void left by Boehner, but was forced to exit from the gavel race after ethics questions were raised about his relationship with a female GOP legislator.

Kevin McCarthy: Subject of Counterintelligence Investigation, Part 4 – Sexual Behavior

He then backed his longtime associate, Paul Ryan, who went on to serve as Speaker during the first half of President Trump’s first term in office, stymying the America First agenda at every turn.

Returning the motion to vacate to its rightful position in the House rules has been a point of contention between McCarthy, his supporters, and the House Freedom Caucus, several members of which have vowed not to support McCarthy’s speakership campaign under any circumstances.

As reported by National File, Kevin McCarthy has refused to commit to getting rid of any of Nancy Pelosi’s left-wing House rules when challenged on the issue.

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy Refuses to Commit to Getting Rid of Nancy Pelosi’s House Rules

Though he’s already calling himself “Speaker-elect,” McCarthy doesn’t have the 218 votes he needs to secure the speakership and is facing a challenge from conservative Freedom Caucus Rep. Andy Biggs.

In an apparent effort to drum up support for their chosen Speaker, corporate news outlets have cozied up to McCarthy, but his conservative opponents won’t go away.

Multiple Freedom Caucus Reps. have vowed not to vote for McCarthy, under any circumstances, and that list appears to be growing. If so, McCarthy will find it impossible to become Speaker of the House without significant Democrat support.