Last Updated on May 26, 2023

National File can exclusively reveal that retail giant Target is sponsoring an upcoming drag queen story hour in Batavia, New York, in just the latest perverted attack on American children by the corporate-backed LGBT lobby. News of the story hour breaks in the midst of a national Target boycott, due to the retailer marketing openly satanic LGBT merchandise to small children in celebration of “pride month”.

Richmond Memorial Library, in the western New York city of Batavia, is planning on hosting a drag queen story hour for little children on June 10th as part of Batavia’s June “pride month” celebrations. 

The show is expected to have Rochester-based drag queens Valentino Rose and Zenadia, who regularly perform around kids, exposing them to his lewd performances. This event is run by Glow Out, an LGBT organization dedicated to furthering their cause in Western New York.

Glow Out also holds a groomer event where they invite youth to their center in order to further indoctrinate them into radical LGBT ideology.

Most disturbingly, the drag show, as well as the entire Batavia pride festivities, are sponsored by retailer Target. Target has recently been under fire for selling LGBT propaganda in the children’s sections of their stores including swimwear meant to tuck genitalia and products that call for the guillotining of people who stand against the child-mutilating LGBT lobby.

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The event that Target is now sponsoring is in violation of New York law, as exposing minors to sexual performances and material is a crime in New York – albeit, one that isn’t enforced by ruling Democrats.

Target claims they are rolling back their LGBT campaign, but the situation in Batavia proves that they are still resolved to groom our children through drag shows. 

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This report was authored by Adam Danberg. Adam is a reporter based in the Hudson Valley of New York. He is involved in local politics and is an avid history buff dedicated to saving New York.

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