The far-left University of Virginia knew of mass shooter Christopher Darnell Davis’s recent conviction on a misdemeanor weapons charge but failed to act in the run-up to the mass shooting that left three dead and two more wounded.

Suspected UVA mass shooter Christopher Davis was convicted of a concealed weapons charge in 2021 and failed to report the conviction to school authorities, in violation of UVA policy. When the conviction was discovered, as part of a hazing investigation linked to Davis, the school failed to act.

According to the University of Virginia, the school was “reviewing a potential hazing issue” when the name of Davis, a former walk-on football player who was still enrolled at the school, was mentioned to investigators. According to another individual, he’d claimed to be in possession of a gun, prompting unspecified concerns.

After the gun claim was revealed, it was in mid-September that the school’s “threat assessment team” learned of suspected mass shooter Davis’s gun conviction.

According to spokesman Brian Coy, Davis “had failed to disclose” the conviction to the school, “which is a requirement of university policy.”


After learning of the conviction in September, it wasn’t until October 27th that the school moved “to escalate his case for disciplinary action.”

Even then, UVA officials say they now realize that they never relayed what they’d learned of Davis’s conviction to the University Judiciary Committee, further delaying any action against the man who would soon murder three students aboard a bus, wounding two more.

At the time of the shooting, Davis was on a bus with his victims returning from a play their class had seen in DC. He was able to go on the trip because he still had full access to UVA as an enrolled student, in spite of his gun crime conviction, hazing investigation, and criminal reporting violation.

Ironically, despite their complete inaction ahead of the mass shooting on a field trip bus, the University of Virginia played a central role in the massive, national manhunt that followed the August 12th, 2017 Unite the Right demonstrations.

Those who protested in Charlottesville with tiki torches were tracked nationwide for prosecution and retribution. Wanted posters of demonstrators and requests for information on right-wing activists were frequently posted around the university.

After the mass shooting, early media reports and police chatter indicated that the assailant was a white male, naming a former YouTube and gay porn star by name, only for authorities to then be led on a multi-jurisdictional chase, that stretched into the following day, by Christopher Davis, a black man.

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This weekend, memorial services were held for the deceased victims of the UVA mass shooting, all of whom were active members of the football team. Authorities believe that Davis specifically targeted members of the team, which he was a member of for just one season, in 2018, not appearing in any games.

The names of the deceased victims are Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr, and D’Sean Perry.