It’s a few months from Father’s Day, but because they often get less attention than the moms, they are worthy of a Feel-Good Friday treatment this week. From being a role model to building a foundation for healthy relationships to instilling emotional support and confidence, the role of fathers in a daughter’s life is so important. Single moms are discussed ad infinitum and rightly so. But I know plenty of single dads, too, and girl dads who do bring it for their kids. They do everything for them, including their hair.


Which inspired Sarah Eaton of Scotland with a bang-up idea. After she worked hard on perfecting French braids for her two daughters, she decided to share her knowledge with other moms. This grew in popularity, and now she offers a class to dads on how to do their daughter’s hair.


From there, Bonnie Braids, Eaton’s hairstyling company, began hosting sessions for fathers who needed a tip or two when it came to perfecting their daughters’ hair. 

“I teach them the basics of how to brush their hair and how to use de-tangle spray,” Eaton told SWNS. 

The 38-year-old said that at the end of the hour session each dad can do the basics — and have a confidence boost.

Eaton said at the end of the hour-long session, dads will be able to brush, de-tangle and braid their daughters’ hair.  (SWNS)

“The look of admiration on their faces after each session is amazing,” she added.

Eaton’s maximum class is eight dads. In teaching the fathers how to do a high bun for ballet, Eaton’s technique is absolutely adorable. For this activity, the daughters stand, the dads grab their little girl’s high ponytail, and then they spin them around in a circle. Too cute!

Another father-daughter bonding ritual that is making a comeback are Daddy-Daughter dances. Country singer Walker Hayes has made dancing with his daughter a delightful tradition on his Instagram. She even helped him choreograph the “Fancy Like” moves.


Actor-musician Kevin Bacon also does dances with his daughter, Sosie, and he did a cute pairing for her 32nd birthday 

From what I hear from my friends who are parents and other posts on social media, it seems that formal Daddy-Daughter dances are becoming more common, and this is a good thing. There is no better way to model honor, specialness, social interaction, and showing your little girl how she should be treated, than a formal event.

In February, Columbus, Ohio, held a Daddy-Daughter dance as part of a series of community events to celebrate Black Girl Dad Week. 

While the dance may be about letting your hair down and having fun, it’s part of Black Girl Dad Week, a week of activities and events highlighting the roles Black fathers and father figures play in the lives of Black girls and women.

“I’m excited to hit the dance floor,” said Ivy Lewis.

Fathers and father figures spent hours on the dance floor with their daughters and loved ones. 

“Honestly, I’ve just never seen men smile as much. You know, when we have a problem smiling, people think something’s wrong with us. But to see men genuinely enjoy themselves because daughters, in particular young girls, force you to do that,” said Jewel Woods, founder of Male Behavioral Health. 

According to Woods, research shows that the more fathers that are in women and girls’ lives, the better the outcome is. 

“The reality is the reverse for men. We become better. We become healthier. The research shows when fathers are absolutely pouring into their children, particularly daughters, they end up benefiting physically, emotionally, psychologically. So the other added benefit of this is actually seeing healing happen in real-time,” said Woods.


And that bonding moment can take many forms. This one almost made me cry.

I have written before that my father was murdered when I was very young, so I never knew him. That abandonment left a hole in my confidence, my self-esteem, and how I related (or didn’t) to the opposite sex. It was not until well into my 30s, after I met a friend who took on the role of father in my life, that I found the healing and stability that helped restore some of those foundations. He walked me down the aisle, and I had my first Daddy-Daughter dance with him. It was very special.

So, fathers and grandfathers, if you have a little girl (or big girl) in your life, treat her so well that she’ll never accept anything less but the best that you give. Fathers are essential—in the big and the little things.