As we reported, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) urged people to vote “uncommitted” in the Michigan primary to send a message to Joe Biden to listen to the leftist anti-Israel position, call for a permanent ceasefire, and not support Israel’s actions in Gaza



Michigan Results Spell Big Trouble for Biden, Good News for Trump

Rashida Tlaib Turns on Biden Over Israel, Urges Michigan Democrats to Vote Against Him in the Primary

“It’s really important for folks to understand: I am incredibly, incredibly scared of a second term for Trump. And I think it’s really important to emphasize this,” Tlaib told members of the press on Thursday.

While she urged people to vote in the general election, she didn’t say whether she would vote for Biden, and she didn’t necessarily seem to be advocating for voting for the top of the ticket, even as she expressed her fear that Trump could be reelected. 

“One thing that I know about staying home is you’re making us more invisible. I want you to exercise your right to vote,” she said.

“Everybody’s always driven by what’s on top of the ballot. Know that there’s so many other folks on that ballot, many of which support a cease-fire,” she said. “To think of that ballot as a way to speak that truth of what you believe in and not always think about that top of that ticket.”


Bottom line, the effort netted over 100,000 votes or 13.3 percent. Biden lost the city of Dearborn. Former President Donald Trump got more raw votes than did Biden — Trump got 756,134, and Biden got 617,925 — 139,000 more as of Wednesday morning. It’s one of the things that shows that Biden may be in big trouble in Michigan, and Trump is up, according to the RCP average, by 5. 1 percent. 

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) mocked that take from Tlaib with a Simpsons gif.

I think, like so many of us, he’s just had enough of the anti-Israel, radical leftist folks. 

As a bonus, his humor caused more meltdowns from people on the left. 

Here’s former spokesperson for the Justice Dems, Waleed Shahid. 

Then there was activist and former Bernie Sanders surrogate Nina Turner. 


Then there was the ultimate insult, that just shows Fetterman is improving and is on the right track. 

Gotta hand it to Fetterman: He has a gift for ridiculing the left; he’s unafraid and seems to enjoy doing it. He ticks them off big time.