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Like any good attorney who knows answers to questions before he asks them, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t one to shoot from the hip; when the Texan makes a pointed suggestion in a potential criminal case, chances are the smoke he sees is going to lead to fire — if his recommendations are followed.

In this case, Cruz on Sunday called on the FBI to search a perfect location for even more Biden classified materials: Joe’s crackhead son Hunter Biden‘s home.

As reported by Fox News, Cruz appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” and sounded off on an email Hunter Biden purportedly sent to a Burisma colleague, telling host Maria Bartiromo that Hunter couldn’t have written the email without access to classified information.

Here’s a snippet of the suspect email:

Some sort of decentralization will likely occur in the East. If it doesn’t the Russians will continue to escalate there [sic] destabilization campaign, which could lead to a full scale [sic] take over [sic] of the eastern region most critically Donetsk. The strategic value is to create a land bridge for RU to Crimerea.

Seriously? Yeah, raise your hand if you think Hunter Biden possessed the knowledge — or even the interest, other than for personal gain, of course, to write the above.

Cruz suggested the email was “unusual” in that it infers Hunter had “direct access” to information that could be tied to “The Big Guy’s” mishandling of thousands of documents — many of which were marked “classified” and others not.

Hunter Biden didn’t write that. Hunter Biden is not an expert on Ukraine. He’s not an expert on Eastern Europe. He’s not an expert on Russia, but that email did help get him on the board of Burisma.

It did help get him paid $83,000 a month because it showed a level of expertise not coming from him, but he was getting it from somewhere.

That’s clearly from some sort of briefing. We don’t know whether it was a classified briefing or not, but that is the sort of analysis that is often within a classified briefing.

So what caught Cruz’s attention?

And this email is unusual in the Hunter Biden emails, there’s a level of scholarship and erudition that if it magically appeared, somehow it doesn’t appear in the other emails he’s sending.

The obvious question is what was he cutting and pasting from? What was his source? And it raises the natural inference that Hunter Biden had direct access to these classified documents.

Did Ted just suggest Hunter Biden’s not smart? I mean, it sounded like Ted just suggested Hunter Biden’s not smart. [sarc]

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Cruz’s assessment was based on a 1,300-word email found on Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop that discussed destabilization in Ukraine that he sent to business partner Devon Archer, who was sentenced in 2022 to more than a year in prison after being convicted of a fraud scheme. The question is, when will Hunter get his? But I digress.

In reference to the ever-growing trove of classified materials found at Joe Biden’s Delaware home and in Washington, D.C., Cruz told Bartiromo: “It seems he leaves classified documents wherever he goes.” Hence in Ted’s mind — and in the minds of many who’ve followed the Biden classified document scandal — Hunter Biden’s home seems like a pretty good place to look for more.

Various GOP lawmakers have also noted that both the content and quality of the email imply “a level of energy expertise” Hunter didn’t have, and also alleging that he likely had access to classified information. If true, where would he get that information — other than from “The Big Guy”? The question is rhetorical.

Bartiromo said lawyers involved in the scandal revealed Biden donated 1,850 boxes of material and 415 gigabytes of digital records to the University of Delaware. But questions regarding who had access to the material remain unanswered. Sure they do. Cruz pointed out:

Hunter Biden, at times, declared his residence to be those very same places. And so I believe the natural next step that is necessary is for the FBI to examine the 1,850-plus boxes of documents from Joe Biden’s Senate tenure … at the University of Delaware, and I also believe it is critical for the FBI to search Hunter Biden’s homes — home and office residences — to make sure there are no classified documents there, given all the evidence that’s piling up. We need to ascertain who’s had access to what and when.

Kind of Watergate-Nixonian, huh? The famous question at the time was “What did the president know and when did he know it?” In the case of The Biden Family Business, the question is:

What information is contained in the plethora of classified materials found in the president’s possession and how much of it did he share with his crackhead son?

Enquiring minds want to know, Joe. See those things creeping in on you? Yep, those are the walls.  

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