Dmitri Medvedev a déjà utilisé la menace nucléaire plus tôt dans l’année. EPA/SPUTNIK POOL – EKATERINA SHTUKINA / GOVERNMENT  

Meduza: Medvedev threatens to attack nuclear facilities in Ukraine and Europe, following unconfirmed reports of attempted missile strike on Russian nuclear plant 

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, threatened to attack Ukraine’s nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe in a post on his Telegram channel. 

In his post, he refers to unconfirmed reports from the Telegram channel Mash that Ukraine’s Armed Forces allegedly tried to attack Russia’s Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant and a military air base in the Kaluga region using either 5В28 or British Storm Shadow missiles. The post claims that air defense systems shot down the missiles.  

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Update: Medvedev threatens to strike three Ukrainian nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities in Europe (Ukrainska Pravda)  

WNU Editor: I hope to God this report is false.